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Project Description

3 Bedroom House – Pinnacle Point

As one enters this three bedroom home from the top floor where the large main bedroom is situated, you are immediately captivated by what you see. From this elevated position one’s vision becomes transfixed by the spectacular view over the sea and the golfing estate. This level has lounge area a full kitchen with all the modern fittings and a lovely view for the chef to enjoy while conjuring up some delicacies. One of the stunning features of this home is a curtain of floating handcrafted wooden fish. This leads one down the floating staircase to the lower levels of this home.

The two bedrooms at the bottom have access to the Pajama Lounge as well as a beautiful pool area with a sunken bouma. The access to this area is from a lounge with very large glass sliding panels that create a feeling of unlimited views and of being one with nature. The design is minimalistic with great large areas of glass. The lighting effects on the outside truly create a feeling of a fantasy world. This, combined with sounds of the waves and a variety of bird calls, brings tranquility to the home where you can let go of the cares of the world.