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Project Description

4 Bedroom House – Pinnacle Point

Comfort and ease wrapped in a spectacular setting that can take your breath away. This luxury home, set in Oubaai, was developed for a family where comfort and effortless movement was the main concern. This entire home was planned and developed on one level. It has beautiful views to the north and south. An exquisite pool on the northern side is a feature that is both exciting and luxurious. With a view facing the majestic mountain range it creates a place to relax and enjoy the gentle climate of the area. The pool has a romantic atmosphere that calls for husband and wife to enjoy those intimate moments. Exiting the large glass doors on the southern side will take one onto a golfing Green with a breathtaking view over unspoiled nature. The lawn area is an ideal and safe haven for children to enjoy with their friends and for dad for those lazy afternoons entertaining friends around a fire.

The clean and minimalistic design is a perfect example of the modern style and passion of the BAUART team. They work closely with a group of professionals who contribute to the excellence of their delivery. This home was designed to give it a presence in the area. A home that speaks very loudly and very clearly about the passions of those who live there.